Pilau Rice (in the microwave!)

I always use my Pampered Chef Micro Rice Cooker for plain rice and have done for a few years (ever since I got one).  It always gives me “Uncle Ben’s” quality rice without having to pay the price for the rice!  I was then given this recipe for Pilau Rice – it is so easy and so yummy and easily feeds 4 very hungry, 6 hungry or even 8 normal sized portions!!!


2 cups Basmati Rice

4 cups Water (boiling)

2 Knorr Stock Cubes

1 Onion chopped

70 ml veg oil

8 green cardamons

8 cloves

2 pieces cinnamon stick

Half teaspoon turmeric powder


Put the oil, chopped onions and all spices in the Rice Micro Cooker and cook on high for 3 minutes.

Add rice, water and stock cubes (melted in the water) and cook on high for 15 minutes.


Susie Evans

Independent Director for the Pampered Chef

07854 241575



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One response to “Pilau Rice (in the microwave!)

  1. G’Day! Susiesrecipes,
    Thanks you for your post, This recipe is delicious, healthy, cheap and low calorie. It was given to us by our delightful Sikh friend after she cooked it for us one evening. I have made a couple of healthy changes to the recipe altering and lowering the fat and salt content. I have also put the original amounts of butter and salt in brackets for those of you who want to try the original. Serve with a green salad and your favourite rice. Basmati is good. Brown rice is higher in fibre and vitamins. Pilau rice is scrumptious but not low fat or low calories. Below you can see how to make your boiled rice tasty and how to make a good mint and yoghurt sauce to serve with your meal.

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