Risotto (Stoneware style!)

This recipe is an absolute revelation!  All you do is chuck the ingredients in the stoneware and bung in the oven.  I did return half way through to stir and check on progress but that was it!!  The difference doing this in stoneware to any other baker is that the whole risotto is cooked evenly, right through to the middle without that nasty drying out that happens round the edges.

Give it a go and let me know how yours goes!

Just place in rectangular baker, stir and throw in oven. Also excellent in deep covered baker

1 box Arborio rice

1 box closed cup mushrooms – chopped

1 box chestnut mushrooms – chopped

OR – heaps of different vegetables!

½ large onion, chopped

3 knorr stock cubes for 1 1/2pts – if stock is too weak, the recipe is very bland.

One Glass of wine – optional.

Lemon and garlic; these are optional but good for tools.

Herbs likewise

Fill RB, stir and dump in oven, check after 15 mins – top up with ½ pt stock if needed. When rice is ‘al dente‘, remove from oven, rest 5 mins then stir in

heaps of parmesan (100g ish) and medium pot of double cream plus butter.

Serve with black pepper – possibly top with parsley too.

Variations – smoked sausage and mushroom, chicken and leek or sweetcorn or brocilli, salmon with chicken options listed, all vegetables – squash is especially good with bacon (raw) for scrummy version. Everything goes in at the start (except cheese / butter / cream and these are best added if you want the richness – try without for a delicious and lighter alternative.)

Susie Evans



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2 responses to “Risotto (Stoneware style!)

  1. How many ounces is 1 “box” of these items? My arborio rice comes in a plastic jar like container and it’s quite big.

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