Sue Oliver’s 1940’s Raspberry Buns

This recipe has been kindly sent by the lovely Sue Oliver and comes from one of her vintage cookbooks.  Apparently they taste almost like mini baked doughnuts.  We shall be making these this weekend! I’ll let you know how they go down!

1/2lb self raising flour
pinch salt (optional!)
3oz marg (or butter)
2 oz sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
approx 1/4 pint milk/water mix
raspberry jam

Rub in flour and marg and add sugar and 1 dessertspoon jam.  Add vanilla and enough of the milk/water mix to make a stiff dough.     

Cut dough into 12 pieces.  Roll into balls and make a hole in the middle. Put in a little jam into the hole and pull the dough to cover it.  Roll in sugar an put into mini muffin pan well.  Bake it hot oven for 10 mins (about gas mark 8)

I also pipe shortbread mix into the wells to about half way and cook – makes little shortbread cakes!

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