6 minute Chocolate Cake with chocolate sauce

Sometimes I get a recipe recommendation which entices me to literally go straight to the kitchen and make it.  Here is one of those recipes, sent to me by the lovely Laura and originated by the great Emma Archer.

Now, my problem right now is that I am home alone with everyone out at work, school and nursery and I’m thinking that I really, really shouldn’t go and make this right now… let’s see how long your will-power lasts when you see this!!!!


100g Caster sugar
100g Marg
2 Eggs
75g Self-raising Flour
25g Cocoa
150g Milk Chocolate
1 small tub of cream

  • Beat together the sugar and marg with bamboo spoon in classic batter bowl.
  • Add eggs, flour and cocoa and mix in using mix ’n’ scraper.
  • Break half of the chocolate into small pieces (maybe use food chopper for speed) and mix in.
  • Microwave (without the lid) at full power for 5 mins.
  • Meanwhile heat remaining chocolate and cream in a small pan (or in small micro cooker) to make the sauce.

Let the pud stand for a couple of mins before serving.  Turn out and serve with sauce.  YUM!!!


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