Raspberry, Almond and White Chocolate Trifle.

Here is a recipe which I made over Christmas.  It was so simple and so extremely tasty.  The whole extended family loved it so i thought I would share it with you.


400g soft cream cheese
400g white chocolate
500ml double cream
500g amaretto biscuits
100g almonds
2x 400g packs frozen raspberries / forest fruits etc – defrosted
1 jar raspberry jam

Toasted almonds (completely optional)
Chop (not too finely) with the foodchopper. Place on the small bar pan and put in the top of an oven until lightly toasted OR in the microwave on high for 30 seconds and repeat until toasted.

Melt 250g of white chocolate, with a tablespoon of cream for 30 seconds on medium power in Small Micro Cooker       Stir and repeat until melted.

Chop the remaining 250g of chocolate with food chopper.

Whip the double cream in the Small batter bowl with the Double Balloon Whisk until firm

In a Classic Batter Bowl mix the cream cheese and melted chocolate until smooth, and then add the whipped cream, chopped chocolate & nuts (keep a small handful of nuts to decorate the top of the trifle). Stir well and leave on one side

Fruit layer
Put aside a few whole raspberries. Place the jam and the rest of the fruit in the Large Microcooker.  Microwave until just warm and the jam is incorporated into the fruit

Amaretto biscuits
Put 12 biscuits on one side. Lightly crush the rest, so they are around 1/3 of their original biscuit size.

In the trifle bowl, place a third of the crushed biscuits, cover with a third of the fruit mixture, and a third of the white chocolate mix
Repeat twice, finishing with a layer of the white chocolate mix.
Decorate using the set aside amaretto biscuits and raspberries. Grate the remaining nuts over the top.



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