Who is Susie?

This blog has been created as a partner to my Facebook site where I post daily recipe ideas but sometimes they are just shares from others so they don’t actually make it onto my blog.  The address for my page is –  www.Facebook.com/Susie.PChef

I am an independent sales director with The Pampered Chef and I love my job!  I get to spend 1 or 2 evenings a week at someone’s house where they have invited their friends over and, together, we cook some delicious food which we then get to share at the end of the evening.  During the evening I talk about our fabulous kitchen products and then offer people the opportunity to purchase them, or get them heavily discounted (by having their own show) or even getting them for free by trying out the business for themselves.

I have been in the business since October 2005 and have a growing, successful team  of people who I work with and am honoured to now call my friends.  It is such fun doing this  – eating lovely food and joining people sharing their living room with their friends.

Since October 2005 I have had my 3rd child (and carried on working right into my pregnancy this time because I wanted to!  Didn’t rush away for the longest maternity leave I could muster!); developed a successful team; and also earned several 5* incentive trips to Rome; Chicago; Lake Maggiore in Italy & Dubai?!!  All of which were just earned as I was doing my job; earning money and fitting my career around my children; husband and running a home.

This business is available to anyone at any level – whether you want a  new hobby; a part time job or a career with limitless earning potential.

If you want to hear anymore about it, please do contact me on pchef@susieevans.co.uk I would love to have a chat with you about it.

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